I’m a professional writer with a background in magazines features and travel journalism. I’ve been sending dispatches from the front line of freelance writing for over 15 years.


If you need words, I’ve got them. I can write winning articles for your print or digital publication, compose compelling guest posts for your blog, compile engaging editorial content for your website, or write second-to-none stories for your brochure.


I’m based in Chester and regularly cover stories for national publications around Northwest Britain and Wales.


If you’ve got a deadline, then I can meet it. Interested? Please get in touch to discuss how I can help. I’m on atkinsondavid@icloud.com and 07974 390436


I know what makes a good story and understand how to deliver it on time with accuracy and flair.


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Latest Projects

Inside Fatherhood drafts: deployed dad Steve Martin

December 4, 2016

Steve saw the world. He knew the freedom of being at sea as a serving sailor but his blow-with-the-wind independence came at a price. The guilt. With a wife and two young boys left behind on shore, he found a life at sea was increasingly hard to square with his conscience as a husband and father. … Read more

Inside Fatherhood drafts: Stay-at-home-dad Dave Hollins

November 13, 2016

Dave looks well. Lean and fit, there’s no outward sign of the accident that changed his life. But, after talking with him for a few hours, I come to realise how struggling with epilepsy has impacted on family life. Dave [pictured above] found a new role as a pioneering stay-at-home dad. But, with his three boys … Read more

To Hull and back on a culture quest

November 10, 2016

The taxi driver was unimpressed. “It’s a fingers-crossed job,” he grunted. He sprawled back in the driving seat and folded his arms at the lights, revealing a tattoo snaking down his fleshy forearm. It read: “Blessed to be born in Yorkshire.” “The problem is,” he added, “City of Culture only interests about two per cent of local … Read more