Travel guidebooks came first for me. Today it’s more creative non-fiction. Either way, I bring my journalistic curiosity, lively writing style and ability to tell a good story to every new project. Lonely Planet, Bradt Travel Guides and BRF amongst others have published my work.

As an author, I offer:

  • Professional experience of handling in-depth research
  • Understanding of how to capture and hold readers
  • Ghostwriting
  • Ideas for new projects

A new writing group comes to Storyhouse Chester

May 8, 2017

Image: Storyhouse opens this week. The new arts centre is big news for Chester and already riding the crest of local support. But it’s not just a new theatre, cinema and library. A major aspect of the project is the community programme. That’s why I’m leading a new writing group, based at Storyhouse, from this month. … Read more

Inside fatherhood drafts: life changes for stepdad Dom

February 4, 2017

Dom wasn’t planning to be a father figure. Hell, he didn’t even want kids. Besides, he was too busy building a career and going on tour with his band. But life has a habit of throwing your curveballs and that’s exactly how Dom found himself going from nought to 60 into parenthood — virtually overnight. One … Read more

Inside Fatherhood drafts: deployed dad Steve Martin

December 4, 2016

Steve saw the world. He knew the freedom of being at sea as a serving sailor but his blow-with-the-wind independence came at a price. The guilt. With a wife and two young boys left behind on shore, he found a life at sea was increasingly hard to square with his conscience as a husband and father. … Read more

Inside Fatherhood drafts: Stay-at-home-dad Dave Hollins

November 13, 2016

Dave looks well. Lean and fit, there’s no outward sign of the accident that changed his life. But, after talking with him for a few hours, I come to realise how struggling with epilepsy has impacted on family life. Dave [pictured above] found a new role as a pioneering stay-at-home dad. But, with his three boys … Read more

Inside Fatherhood drafts: how Scott turned his life around

September 6, 2016

I found Scott through a contact. He clearly has an amazing story to tell and is very eloquent in telling it. Scott’s story is of a recovered heroin addict, who found that faith and fatherhood offered him a new way forward after years of self-destructive behaviour. But, despite getting clean, finding someone to share his … Read more

A book contract and a request for 80 dad tips

September 2, 2016

I signed a book deal over summer. It’s a work of creative non-fiction with a 2018 publication date for a small UK publisher. There’s a lot of research ahead before my deadline next spring. But I don’t mind. It’s a project close to my heart as it revolves around a key topic: fatherhood. As such, I’m … Read more

Flash fiction: Going Underground

October 19, 2014

“Most men get a shed. My dad got a bunker.” As she laughed, her epaulettes quivered like the top-lip foliage of a retired colonel. The two tons of reinforced concrete had been decommissioned in 1993, leaving 135 Cheshire civil servants unemployed – stymied by Glasnost. The family bought soon after it and parked the family … Read more


September 17, 2013

* I’ve been trying to write some flash fiction as a potential entry for the Harry Bowling prize. This is an edited version following feedback from my monthly writing group, Seriously Sentences at Gladstone’s Library. Is this good enough to enter? Her hair was just-showered clean. Her tongue, wet and darting, was eager as an … Read more

Lake District with Kids guidebook

December 30, 2012

My latest guidebook project was a family travel guide to the Lake District for guidebook publisher, Footprint. Since the guide was published in 2011, I’ve continued to return to the Lakes to research family-travel options. Read more ideas for an family Lakes trip from the Footprint website. And read a review of the book from … Read more