Antwerp: opening of the Red Star Line Museum


I like Antwerp. I’ve been a few times now and I enjoy visiting the Flemish city for its food, fashion and free attractions.

I’ve also got a friend from university who currently lives there, and it’s an easy place to access from the UK both by rail and plane.

I was back again last week for the opening of the Red Star Line Museum [pictured above and below], part of the Little Island regeneration project.

I ended up doing a few pieces off the back of this trip, each with different angles, including one for the Weekend FT, Antwerp: Life in the old docks yet.

Another piece appeared on the CountrybyCountry blog.

There’s a third piece for the Daily Express to come.

I was suitably inspired by this recent visit to start thinking about new angles for next time, including an idea round the fashion scene in Antwerp and an alternative take on the diamond business.

Do you have any tips or contacts in Antwerp? What’s the big story for me to cover next time?

Post your thoughts below.

Red Star Line Museum

Visit Antwerp


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