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Mother’s Day this weekend. That’s a good day to talk about dads.

The Fatherhood Institute highlighted we way we look at dads recently. The debate raging on their Facebook page followed a story on the Telegraph website, Why are men on TV always such fools?

I’ve been talking a lot about fatherhood lately, making a contribution to The Fathers, a project by the Manchester-based photographer Rebecca Lupton.

The images and story speak for themselves. Read my entry at The Fathers.

I was subsequently invited on Men’s Hour on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss the practicalities of shared parenting and later penned a piece for the Telegraph Men website – Are single dads more attractive than other men.

The coverage had a positive reaction on Twitter, including:




What are your experiences of fatherhood and shared parenting? And did I represent the issues fairly in these posts?

Share your thoughts below.


Fatherhood Institute

Rebecca Lupton photography

BBC Men’s Hour

Telegraph Men 


* All photos copyright Rebecca Lupton



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