Inside Fatherhood drafts: how Scott turned his life around

Scott and Emily

I found Scott through a contact.

He clearly has an amazing story to tell and is very eloquent in telling it.

Scott’s story is of a recovered heroin addict, who found that faith and fatherhood offered him a new way forward after years of self-destructive behaviour.

But, despite getting clean, finding someone to share his life with and having a baby daughter [pictured above with Scott], the little voice of doubt inside is never far away.

Scott was my second interviewee for Inside Fatherhood, my forthcoming book to be published by BRF in 2018.

Here’s a sample of what he has to say:

“When you first try heroin, people say it’s like being kissed by God himself. I still remember the feeling — even now. It was like being wrapped in cotton wool. All addicts spent their lives trying to recapture the feeling of that first hit. But, that night, since the first time I’d used heroin aged 20, I experienced that feeling of enveloped in love. Looking out the window the next morning, I knew I had stopped.”

Do you have an experience of fatherhood to share? Contact me if you would be interviewed for the book.

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