Lunch with an astronaut on Florida’s Space Coast


The week before Christmas has been dominated by an out-the-blue trip: Florida’s Space Coast.

Maya and I spent a long weekend in Cocoa Beach, researching a family-travel piece around the theme of introducing children to the space race.

This ties into the 25th anniversary of the moon landings in 2014.

Our trip was anchored around the Kennedy Space Centre, where the highlight of our visit was meeting the astronaut DonThomas [pictured above] for a private interview.

We also spent time getting to know the space story and trying our hand at being astronauts [pictured below].

Look out for the story in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine in February as part of a Florida Total Guide.

What’s your favourite space story for kids? Share your thoughts below. 


Florida Space Coast 

Kennedy Space Centre

Sunday Times Travel Magazine


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