MSC TECHNOLOGY AND LEARNING: Build your brand online


You go for a job interview.

After the initial small talk, the interviewer produces an iPad with a selection of images you posted to Facebook some five or six years ago.

The interviewer asks you to talk them through the images and offer an explanation for them.

This uncomfortable scenario is, I learned today, increasingly common.

We eulogise the use of Web 2.0 to expand and enrich learning but we also need to be aware of how we use these technologies personally as well as professionally.

Social Media Police eTreble9, offered thoughts on how they can advise and manage your social media profile to highlight the positives.

It was a thought-provoking morning and you can check out the Prezi: Your brand online.

Take a moment to think. And then delete your Facebook accounts – learners and tutors alike.

The social media Big Brother is watching.

Your view? Post below.

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