Story of the day: Dijon City Guide


I’ve been to Dijon and Burgundy several times over the last few years to follow the story of the urban renaissance.

This story, taken from the Independent, details the final visit last autumn. There’s another story to come for the Sunday Telegraph this spring with a modern art angle. The first trip with my dad (pictured above) was about wine tasting.

Here’s an extract:

Place Darcy has been symbolic of Dijon of late: a work in progress. But, as part of “Le Grand Dijon”, the master plan to revitalise the city by its ambitious mayor, François Rebsamen, Dijon’s sleek new trams are now gliding across the historic city centre.

“Dijon has really come alive with revived public spaces and new pedestrianised streets,” says tour guide Sherry Thevenot of Bourgogne Authentique. “It still has the classical sites, but a new sense of vibrancy pervades.”

That’s it for Burgundy, I think, unless you know more story angles? Time to move on, or more to explore?

Post your thoughts below.

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