Story of the day: Green initiatives in Copenhagen


I’ve been to Copenhagen several times and covered lots of different angles.

Last time it was hotdogs. This latest story, taken from the Express, was about green tourism projects – something Denmark does rather well.

It’s a few years old now and tales of The Killing and Nordic cuisine have since dominated the Danish agenda.

But maybe it’s time for a return trip. Anyone got a strong new angle on a green tourism story?

Meanwhile, here’s an extract:

I have a date with an ambassador. A cycling ambassador, that is.

On a nondescript sidestreet behind Nørreport railway station, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark is planning to take its specialist knowledge of cycling culture to the world.

Outside the work-in-progress office, a blue sign boldly proclaims: “Pedal power. Yes, please!”

Lise Bjørg Pedersen, head of political affairs, greets me with coffee and tells me her vision of the future, whereby 50 per cent of all commuters will travel to their place of work or study in Copenhagen on two wheels by 2015.

“In Denmark, cycling has no gender, race, age or social status. Even our Crown Prince Frederik travels by bicycle,” she explains.

Read the story, Going Green in Style.

And post your comments below.


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