Story of the day: Local food heroes in Cheshire


I’ve decided to keep publishing a story a day in February.

Partly because I didn’t realise I had so much material and partly as I’m rather enjoying revisiting some of the old articles.

Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, I’m starting this week with the one of the few stories I’ve sold about Chester – aside from the recent Chester Races story.

I’m always amazed that, as I live in Chester, I get so few offers to explore tourism projects around the region.

Maybe they just don’t exist. Or, maybe, the message just isn’t getting through.

Either way, here’s an extract of one that did.

Cheshire is synonymous with cheese, and has been since around 120AD when Roman centurions first retired to their pasture to prepare a white, slightly salty snack that went rather well with bread and ale after a hard day torturing slaves in Chester‘s still-preserved amphitheatre.

The cheese is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and was a favourite at the court of Elizabeth I.

Read the full story, In Search of Chester’s Local Food Heroes.

Got a great new angle on Chester and Cheshire?

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