Story of the day: public art in Wales


Going local. It’s one of the big discoveries for me as a freelance writer in recent years.

With two small kids, I’m in no position to jet off for two weeks on a long-haul assignment.

And, besides, there is a wealth of good material right on my doorstep in North Wales as this recent example  – a pre-emptive strike on a Valentine’s motif – goes to prove.

This story, taken from the Independent, is another such example from a few years back.

It’s a place I hadn’t been to since childhood but was happy to re-discover in a new context.

Here’ s an extract:

As we cross a plateau, overlooking the Vale of Clwyd, the tower looms, weather-beaten but still imbuing a stoic sense of pride.

A stone-pitched slate path marks the final, steep ascent to the foot of the tower where we sit, munching biscuits and sharing a flask of milky coffee.

From the battlements the full widescreen view opens out: west to Snowdon and Cader Idris, east to Liverpool, and north-west to Llandudno’s Little Orme.

“I find being here quite uplifting,” says Chris. “It inspires a sense of freedom embedded in me on walks to the tower with my dad during my childhood.”

Read the full story, Wales is making light of this anniversary.

Do you have memories of Moel Famau, or another favourite escape in North Wales?

Post your comments below.

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