Story of the day: Time for a pint in Erlangen


I’ve always thought Germany was a bit underrated. I’ve found a few good angles over the years and this was the last assignment.

This story, taken from the Daily Mail, look at an alternative to the beer-frenzy Oktoberfest with a healthy dash of culture thrown in.

Here’s an extract:

While most Germans regard the Oktoberfest as too crowded and commercial, the annual 12-day Erlangen Bergkirchweih festival is a more rustic and family-oriented event.

And beer is not its most important ingredient. What German beer-festival cognoscenti love is the sense of camaraderie and closeness to nature.

‘I have a very special feeling when I’m at the Bergkirchweih,’ says Dr Andreas Jakob, director of the Erlangen city archives.

‘A blue-collar worker sits next to the Siemens boss and the leaves and fresh air are all around. The beer,’ he adds ‘is the final element.’

Read the full story, Beer we go again.

Have you been to Erlangen? Where’s the best place for a beer away from Oktoberfest?

Post your comments below.

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  1. gary fouse says:

    Erlangen is my “second home”. I spent 3 years there in the US Army, go back often, and wrote a history of the city-in English (Erlangen-An American’s history of a German Town, University press of America-2005.

    Of course I am a big fan of the Erlangen beer fest and was last there two years ago.

    I have just started a blog called, Gary’s German Page. Always glad to exchange info on Erlangen and German beer-the best.

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