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On patrol with the Liverpool River Pilots on the River Mersey for Telegraph Cruise

CSC_8627* Image credit: www.liverpoolpilots.com

I reported from the deck of Queen Mary 2 on the Cunard Three Queens event [pictured above] earlier this year.

Now it’s time for the follow up with the man who masterminded the manoeuvres on the day: Chris Booker, Chairman of the Mersey River Pilots.

It’s a big year for the Liverpool Pilotage Services, which celebrates its 250th anniversary in 2016.

The BBC will broadcast the documentary series Sea City: Liverpool in February while the Merseyside Maritime Museum hosts the exhibition Liverpool Pilots from July to celebrate the landmark.

Both explore the vital role of the service in navigating ships in and out of the Port of Liverpool for more than two centuries.

The story will be published in Telegraph Cruise next spring but, meanwhile, here’s a flavour of the interview:

“I remember sailing from Japan to Canada and we could smell the pines before they even appeared on the radar. I loved the adventure and I’d do it all again.”


Liverpool Pilots

Merseyside Maritime Museum

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