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Green travels in Wales


I wrote a series of articles this spring for greentraveller.

They were based around two trips, the first at Easter to Snowdonia (staying at Graig Wen, pictured above) and the second late April to the Dyfi Biosphere (staying at the Treehouse, pictured below).

All four are now online and you can read the stories in full below.

Meanwhile, here’s an extract:

“Rock-pooling is a lucky dip,” laughs Brain, explaining that the secret is to find a rock with space underneath and a good smothering of sea-salty reeds.

As we clamber over the rocks with green-mesh dipping nets, we find winkles, barnacles and limpets, the latter clinging steadfastly to the rocks.

Brian attempts to catch one off guard with a sharp jab of his Wellington boot. “You only get one chance with limpets,” he smiles. “Once they’re startled, they cling on for dear life.”

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Dyfi Biosphere – a call for PR support


I’ve started to research a commission for the website greentraveller.

It’s about the Dyfi Biosphere and I’m looking for contacts with local accommodation, dining and activity providers.

I’m looking for overnight accommodation and two activities for a first-person narrative story. These will appear on the website in May.

Do you have any contacts, or do you represent any clients in the region? Please contact me.

And look out for my Snowdonia piece on the same website – coming soon.

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