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Blogging the Ffresh Festival at Glyndwr University


A group of Glyndwr student bloggers featured among the young talent at the ffresh festival at Glyndwr University last week.

The four first-year undergraduate students, Carys Wright, Chelsea Taylor, Jack Hardiman and Wanyi Li, live blogged the student moving image festival of Wales for the university’s social media outlets.

Their articles included a mix of news items, interviews and personal blog-style reactions to festival events.

James Nee, Director of the Ffresh Festival, said he wanted to encourage more students to get involved in the festival.

“If you’re passionate about what you want to say and you try hard, ultimately, you’ll create something you’re happy with,” he said.

One of the most popular guest speakers was documentary filmmaker, Jes Benstock. He spoke of his enthusiasm for working with young talent from all walks of life.

He said: “I like working with non-mainstream characters, probably because I’m one of them myself.”

David Atkinson, Lecturer in Multimedia Journalism, who co-ordinated the team, said, “This was a great opportunity for journalism students to get a taste of a real-life editorial exercise.

“They worked really hard to create some excellent content,” he added.

Read more of the students’ work at the Glyndwr tumblr blog.

And read the day-by-day blog for the ffresh website by a Glyndwr NCTJ student.

What was your favourite events at the festival?

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