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How to start the semester in style for the Guardian’s HE blog

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The Guardian’s Higher Education Network posted my blog about making a positive start to the new term this week.

Here’s an extract:

Yet most of us know these first contact hours are crucial to the success of the year overall. There are no second chances. So how should lecturers approach their impending big entrance with a view to setting the right tone for the year ahead?

It’s an advice piece with some tips for lecturers about how to approach the start of term differently. I also used the story as the basis of my own first class with the new first-year cohort.

I figured that, if I’m going to be critiquing their work all semester, then they might as well have a shot a critiquing mine.

You can also read the full story. Some of the comments were constructive, some just people who like the sound of their own voice trying to be clever.

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