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Just back: midsummer in Gothenburg


I was back West Sweden last week.

It was a summer-themed trip to Gothenburg and the archipelago to fulfil a raft of commissions for print and online.

This time, I spent more time in Gothenburg and a morning talking herring with Nils-Gunnar Johansson [pictured above], Curator of the Herring Museum in Kladesholmen. No, really.

The stories are coming soon but, last time, I was there to write a piece for the Weekend FT.

Here’s an extract:

Swedes take midsummer very seriously think New Year’s Eve and a public-holiday weekend all rolled into one.

They down tools and head for their summer houses on the coast for a family gathering lubricated by beer, herring and shots of the local firewater.

Whether you’re a builder or a banker, it’s the one day of the year that everyone casts aside their daily routine and goes back to the land.

You can read more at West Sweden: Folklore traditions of Midsummer.

Or, watch a short Vimeo from a boat tour of Gothenburg harbour from my recent trip.

Check back for links to the published articles.


Just back: Midsummer in West Sweden


It featured large quantities of herring, garlands and people dancing like frogs.

The sun barely set, the Aquavit flowed and I ended up with flowers in my hair at the foot of a lakeside maypole. Although the festivities were, thankfully, a morris dancing-free zone.

Yes, I’m just back from celebrating a traditional West Sweden midsummer.

This is the one time of year in Sweden when everyone – from builders to bankers – downs tools and embraces the hedonistic carpe diem of the longest day.

You can read my story in the Weekend FT this coming Saturday.

Meanwhile, check out a Flickr gallery from the trip.

Watch a couple of Vimeo videos from the trip, the frog dance and midsummer jamming.

Or scroll back down the links posted in situ over the weekend on my Twitter page.

Have you been to West Sweden? Or do you have a great midsummer experience to share?

Post your views below.