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A Christmas gift idea in Cumbria


I filed my first Christmas feature last week.

With just 71 days to go to Christmas, it was a profile of Croglin Designs, a traditional wooden toymaker based in the Eden Valley, Cumbria.

The family-run business uses local, sustainable wood from the Lake District and keeps the natural essence of the region close to their work.

The story will run in Countryfile magazine – December issue, ‘natch.

But, by way of a preview, here come a few lines that didn’t make the final edit.

“We feel happy and comfortable here in Cumbria, so that frees you up to be creative. And the farmhouse style of our products fits with our landscape and environment.”

Do you have a Christmas story idea to share? Or a favourite local craftsperson to profile?

Post your thoughts below. 


Croglin Designs