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Inside Fatherhood drafts: Stay-at-home-dad Dave Hollins


Dave looks well. Lean and fit, there’s no outward sign of the accident that changed his life.

But, after talking with him for a few hours, I come to realise how struggling with epilepsy has impacted on family life.

Dave [pictured above] found a new role as a pioneering stay-at-home dad. But, with his three boys now growing up and an empty nest looming, what does the future hold for the dedicated dad?

Dave was my third interviewee for Inside Fatherhood, my forthcoming book to be published by BRF in 2018.

Here’s a taste of his experience of fatherhood:

“I don’t see why a bloke can’t look after the kids — if you’ve got the time. There’s nothing a woman can do that a man can’t,” says Dave of his early days in the role.

But he does rue the way the image of the Fairy Liquid mother is still engrained in our collective consciousness as a society, an image further reinforced by the media.

Dave was first reluctant to join the local toddler groups when Jack was first born as he was put off by the reactions of the mothers around him. “It was 2003 and I was the only bloke in the room,” he says.

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