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Story of the day: Riding the Glacier Express in Switzerland


I like train travel.

I like the ease of it, the view, the sense of modernity mixed with a wistful glance to a more genteel era.

I like the fact the trains – the ones in Europe anyway – generally work pretty well.

There are mishaps as Eurostar is on the wrong track – again, taken from my previous incarnation as Hit the North, testifies.

This story, taken from the Sunday Telegraph, recounts a journey on one of the world’s greatest rail journeys in Switzerland.

Here’s an extract:

As I entered the carriage, the conductor was steeling himself for the kind of announcement that every Swiss train manager dreads.

We took our seats. His bristly moustache twitched nervously. His broad shoulders shifted uneasily in the tight, red jacket. He removed the black felt hat and scratched his bald patch agitatedly.

“Ladies and gentleman, I regret to inform you that, due to the threat of avalanche on the line, this service may be slightly delayed,” he announced.

A Swiss train running late? There’ll be questions in Parliament.

Read the full story, Riding the Glacier Express Across Switzerland.

And check out the video, too. More video in weeks to come.

Meanwhile, what are your favourite rail journeys?

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