The Flaming Lips at Jodrell Bank: photo blog

It was a night of Pulsar Astrophysics and psychedelia, headlined by The Flaming Lips.

We started with a touch of cosmology, the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe.

And did some experiments: infra-red sensors and recreating sound of the Big Bang.

Then Wayne Coyne turned up in his giant space bubble and we went to say hello.

By sunset I was turning into a robot while the crowd cheered, “Science, science, science.”

But the Lovell Telescope, our eye on the sky since 1957 and now bidding to become a Unesco World Heritage Site, was gearing up for action.

The Flaming Lips were about to take to the stage. That is, after Dr Tim O’Brian did his Brian Cox audition.

But it was the encore that really stole the show. Science meets psychedelia.

Here’s a taster.

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