Video of the day: Vilnius video blog


Something different this week.

A few years, when media soothsayers were predicting video was the new copy and commissioning editors started incorporating video content int commissions, I played around with the idea of a video blog.

I even got round recording a few of them, using existing commissions to do some ad-hoc video work in situ.

I quite enjoyed it but never took it much further.

Nevertheless, I’ve got the same video camera today and still can turn my hand to a simple bit of video content to upload my channel on YouTube.

Here’s an early example of the video blogs, a piece taken from a research trip to Vilnius (pictured above) for the start of the European Capital of Culture in 2009.

Watch the Vilnius video blog.

I’d love to hear your comments, tips, advice. They may come in handy one day if – or is that, when – print journalism is finally laid to rest.

Please post your comments below.


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