Volunteering on Flat Holm Island, Cardiff Bay

Volunteering on Flat Holm Island
Coast magazine is to run my story about volunteering on islands around Britain this month. The first-person narrative is based on my stay on Flat Holm Island, off Cardiff Bay, in June this year.
Slow worm surveys, fence making and animal husbandry were amongst the activities I got stuck into as a conservation volunteer over the weekend. The image above shows fellow volunteer Jamie McEwan with wonky the friendly ram.
Here’s an extract:
Flat Holm Island (Ynys Echni in Welsh) is a great place to get started. The 56-acre island in the British Channel is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and has been managed by the Flat Holm Project since 1982. The island recently introduced short volunteer breaks, including new winter breaks over Christmas and New Year, and even opened a small pub last summer for a post-work sundowner.
Have you been to Flat Holm? Or volunteered on a nature project?
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