Teachers: Do you want to enhance the quality of writing in your class this term?


Then try a media writing workshop for KS2 or KS5 by the award-winning journalist, blogger and tutor, David Atkinson.

I’m a writer and tutor with 15 years of experience of making a living from words. My portfolio includes the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and Weekend FT.

These interactive workshops motivate and stimulate learners to compose high-quality writing, articulate ideas and understand the role of audience, purpose and context. I offer a rich take on writing to bring a unique level of newsroom authenticity to the class.

I will bring my personal expertise from writing for newspapers, magazines and websites to the classroom. This will enhance pupils’ progression and add value to their learning, reflecting the new curriculum and the changing Ofsted framework.

The sessions include planning, drafting, composing, evaluating and editing skills, which will allow to pupils to cast a critical eye over their writing and improve it.

The options for workshops include:

  • To introduce media language, style and techniques
  • To run the class as a mini newsroom with designated roles to produce a newsletter or blog
  • To show how journalists work – research, interviews and stories
  • To demonstrate concepts behind the move from print to online media

The cost is £150 per day plus expenses (half day sessions @£80). I can tailor workshops to offer bespoke sessions to fit in with your curriculum requirements, special events and school publishing projects.

“David really helped me appreciate how to write in different media styles.” – Laurie Bellis, student, Wrexham.

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