Civil Celebrant

I believe in making every ceremony unique and appropriate for each individual family. I can help you to develop, write and present a script for funerals, naming ceremonies and weddings. I have a full and current DBS certificate.

As a civil celebrant, I offer:

  • Professional experience of working with families at cornerstone moments in life
  • The writing and editing skills to craft a unique and personal eulogy to your loved one
  • The verbal communication skills to lead the ceremony with dignity
  • Professional ideas and advice

“I felt increasingly empowered, as I allowed him to accompany me from my boundless grief.”

November 25, 2020

Nick Cave is an artist whose music I admire. I am, as a writer, always drawn to the narrative of his storytelling lyrics. But, after the tragic death of his son, Arthur, in an accident, Cave has also become something of a reluctant spokesperson for all of us who have… Read more