Travel guidebooks came first for me. Today it’s more creative non-fiction. Either way, I bring my journalistic curiosity, lively writing style and ability to tell a good story to every new project. Lonely Planet, Bradt Travel Guides and BRF amongst others have published my work.

As an author, I offer:

  • Professional experience of handling in-depth research
  • Understanding of how to capture and hold readers
  • Ghostwriting
  • Ideas for new projects

My Father’s Day Legacy At The Fatherhood Summit

May 15, 2018

  I was invited to the Fatherhood Summit recently. The event, arranged by Who Let the Dads Out (WLTDO), brought together people to discuss the role of fathers and modern masculinity in general. My book, Inside Fatherhood, had just come out and I was interviewed on stage by WLTDO founder… Read more

Sign up now! It’s my book launch in Chester

April 13, 2018

Book launch news. The venue is booked and the invites ready to go. I’m hosting a launch event on May 17 in Chester for my new book, Inside Fatherhood, to mark 80 years of Father’s Day this June. Here’s some background: Join us for a launch evening of thought-provoking discussion… Read more

Writing a book about fathers showed me why I need my dad

April 7, 2018

My book just came out. I should have been celebrating, or better still doing some promotion. But I’ve done nothing since publication on March 23. I’ve barely opened the pages. Why? I’ve written a guest blog post for the website This Dad Can to explain. Here’s a sample of the text: Just… Read more

Why you need to read Inside Fatherhood in 2018

January 5, 2018

Big news for a new year. The edit is complete, the cover finalised [see above] and my book, Inside Fatherhood, will be published on March 23. What’s more, you can now now pre-order a copy direct from BRF here. Ten ordinary men talk about their extraordinary experiences of fatherhood and… Read more

#WriteHereWriteNow: How to write reviews

October 6, 2017

I was reading an interview with Danny Baker last week. You may remember him as the man from those Eighties TV ads for Ariel, the hungover wingman to Chris Evan’s Britpop benders in the Nineties or the first one voted off last year’s I’m A Celebrity. But, back in the… Read more

#WriteHereWriteNow: How to make the most of direct speech

July 9, 2017

We love direct speech. As writers, nothing brings life to our work more the actual words people say. Quotes, dialogue, comment — whatever you call it. We need the words of others to add emotion, opinion and drama. Just try reading a book by the journalist and author Jon Ronson. The… Read more

#WriteHereWriteNow: Can we learn to write better?

June 17, 2017

I was on assignment in Stockholm last week and looking for an idea. We obsess, as writers, about the words. We analyse the craft and devour books about the technique. Writing in the Guardian recently, the columnist Ian Jack discussed the perennial question: can writing be taught? He suggests that, while… Read more

Inside Fatherhood drafts: a champion for male mental health

May 26, 2017

Paul Gask went off the rails. A stressful job and a male-dominated culture of macho behaviour left him on the verge of a complete breakdown. But Paul found strength in his role as a father and now works with men to champion issues around mental health, suicide and taking back… Read more

Inside fatherhood drafts: newly reunited dad Chris Hardy

May 26, 2017

Chris knows extremes. Indeed, he had seen the more extreme side of life at close quarters. But he relinquished a life spiralling into self destruction and violence for the love of his son — and they’re now planning their first summer holiday together. I recently interviewed Chis [pictured above] for Inside Fatherhood, my… Read more