Multimedia Journalism field trip to Saith Seren, Wrexham


Glyndwr University journalism students took part in a live field exercise in Wrexham yesterday to practice their video reporting skills.

The second years, part of the Broadcasting and Journalism cohort, interviewed the co-operative behind the Welsh-language community pub, the Saith Seren. The work forms part of an online journalism portfolio about the pub to complete their first semester.

The Saith Seren opened in city-centre Wrexham earlier this year to promote the use of Welsh in Wrexham. The pub is a Grade II-listed heritage building and plans to open a new upstairs section early in 2013 for community events.

Marc Jones, Chair of the Saith Seren co-operative said, “Some students came to the pub the night before for a look around, which shows great initiative. They were involved and asked useful questions.”

He added: “The trick is to draw something out of the interviewee, so some needed to work on their angle.”

Gwenfair Jones, one of the directors of the group, said: “They asked good questions about the resurgence of the Welsh language and the role of the pub in that.”

She added: “My advice for some would be better prepared to start the interview and not keep interviewees waiting while they set up.”

Journalism student and Welsh speaker, Seren Worsely-Davies, said, “I got a bit of stage fright at first with a live interview on camera, but it was good experience and I got some good material for my portfolio.”

Multimedia Journalism lecturer, David Atkinson, said, “I think it live experience of handling interviews in the field in an invaluable part of the group’s journalism training.”

He added: “With journalism in turmoil post Leveson and pressure on young reporters ramping up year on year, I want exercises like this to prepare them for journalism in the real world.”

Read the story on Glyndwr’s Campus Blog.

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