Inside Fatherhood drafts: a champion for male mental health

Paul Gask went off the rails.

A stressful job and a male-dominated culture of macho behaviour left him on the verge of a complete breakdown.

But Paul found strength in his role as a father and now works with men to champion issues around mental health, suicide and taking back control.

I recently interviewed Paul [pictured above] for Inside Fatherhood, my forthcoming book to be published by BRF in 2018.

Here’s a preview of his moving story:

“I tried to process why he hadn’t said anything to me. I couldn’t cope with the grief but, when I sent to see the welfare officer, they told me to ‘pull myself together’. I couldn’t admit I had a mental health problem to my employer. I didn’t even know that I might have one. I knew the stigma attached to it. In that kind of working culture, men just didn’t talk about their feelings.”

Do you have an experience of fatherhood to share? Contact me if you would be interviewed for the book.

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  1. Maya says:

    Very inspiring article. Shows how we need to help more people in this difficult position. Good luck with the book.

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