Story of the Day: Cruising with Klimt


A new year resolution is to try a cruise story this year. Meanwhile, here’s a toe in the, ahem, water from last year’s Telegraph Cruise Style.

Last year was Klimt year in Vienna and I visited late Feb for a preview of the cultural jamboree.

Here’s an extract:

The “holy grail” for Klimt fans, however, is the final stop – an audience with The Kiss (1908). Klimt’s masterpiece is known throughout the world for its woven patterns of gold, floral motifs and kaleidoscope of colours.

It is on display at the Upper Belvedere, alongside the largest collection of Klimt paintings in the world – 23 of his works, including many from his so-called “golden period”.

Klimt died in February 1918 following a stroke, but his legacy to Vienna’s Belle Epoque is still very much alive. “The Kiss is a sensual masterpiece,” says Alfred Weidinger, the Belvedere Museum’s vice-director. “Personally, it gives me a new sensation each day. It’s an ongoing dialogue.”

Read the full story, Gustave Klimt and Vienna’s brush with decadence.

Did you visit Vienna during Klimt year? Or do you have an idea for a cruise story just waiting to be written?

Post your comments below.

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