Story of the day: Family holidays in the Lake District

02-Central-Maya, Derwentwater

A heart-warming tale of father-daughter bonding to end the week.

I spent a lot of time around the Lakes a few years back while researching my Footprint guide and I took my little girl along on some of those research trips – well, it was a family travel guide.

I’m due back in the Lakes in a couple of weeks to research a long-form journalism piece on the theme of the Romantics, but more of that shortly.

Meanwhile, here’s an extract from this story in the Independent:

There’s another reason to love the Lakes – its capacity for reinvention.

On my return I found it both reassuringly familiar and exotically different to the place I knew as a seven-year-old schoolboy.

Maybe that’s the key to its enduring success. The Lake District moves with the times, winning over new generations each year, yet the natural beauty of the landscape remains drop-your-ice-cream spectacular.

Read the full story, A Trip Back in Time.

What’s your favourite memory of the Lake District?

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