Story of the day: Island walking trails in Croatia

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Another one from the archive.

This time it’s the first in a series of stories about Croatia and the Dalmatian archipelago. I must have done something right because the last one won a travel-writing award.

As is often the way, the first trip sparked off lots of new ideas. Lucky, really, as this firs trip was a bit of a shambles.

Tip to trip organisers: seven hours on a minibus with a bunch of Germans looking at tourist-trap souvenir shops does not good copy make.

What I did enjoy was the walking on the island of Brac.

Here’s an extract:

The last walk takes in three lost-in-time villages – a far cry from harbour-side apartment blocks and all-night clubs.

A bus transfers me to the trailhead at Lozisca, where I start walking from under the Baroque bell tower of St John and St Paul, one of the island’s Unesco-listed monuments.

I head uphill through the cobbled backstreets of the village, following a path to the nearby settlement of Bobovisca, with the waft of wild catmint on the air.

From there, as a couple of donkeys look on nonchalantly, I head across country through rough scrubland, taking a less waymarked trail to St Martin’s, a 1,000-year-old white-stone church clinging stoically to the hillside overlooking Milna [pictured above].

Read the full story, Walking in the rural heart of Croatia.

What’s your favourite walk around the archipelago? Or what angle should I look at next to revisit Croatia?

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