Story of the day: Reading up on Heidi


Another of my new year resolution is to do more family travel work. Here’s an early example.

This story, taken from the Daily Mail, was inspired by the idea I was reading Heidi with my own little girl, Maya (pictured above). That got us thinking about reading the story in the context of the Alps.

Here’s an extract:

The official Heidi Trail starts from the station and leads up the mountain, following the route Heidi would have walked to meet her grandfather for the first time.

The first stop is the Heidi fountain, a stone carving of the little girl set among a picnic area. We stop to take in the view, Maya splashing in the cool Alpine water, before following the trail uphill past the Heidihof Hotel to the hamlet of Oberrofels, now named the Heidi Village.

This is home to the Heidi House museum, a souvenir shop and a petting zoo with playful goats. On the way, the fields are filled with the flowers and aroma of the firs.

Read the full story, The Swiss who has enchanted generations.

What is your favourite story to read with kids? Have you visited Heidiland?

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