Inside fatherhood drafts: life changes for stepdad Dom

Dom wasn’t planning to be a father figure. Hell, he didn’t even want kids.

Besides, he was too busy building a career and going on tour with his band.

But life has a habit of throwing your curveballs and that’s exactly how Dom found himself going from nought to 60 into parenthood — virtually overnight.

One day, hanging out backstage with the band. The next, a suburban house, a ready-made family unit and a dog.

I interviewed musician and entrepreneur Dom Smith [pictured above] as the latest case study for Inside Fatherhood, my forthcoming book to be published by BRF in 2018.

Here’s a taste of his experience of fatherhood:

“I’m not a stereotypical disciplinarian. But that’s what not being a dad by blood does for you — it lets you stand back and take stock more.

“We talk about video games, comic books and music. Our dynamic is pretty chilled out. He’s just a good kid with a taste for rebellion.

“I’m not always comfortable with the role but being a parent and getting him to listen to me is what I’ve got to do. Hell, I didn’t even know I had this authoritarian voice inside me.”

Do you have an experience of fatherhood to share? Contact me if you would be interviewed for the book.

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