Story of the day: Eco-escape in the Bolivian Amazon


We’re going right back through the archives today. It feels like a different person, or a different lifetime. It some ways it is – but it’s still me.

This story, taken from the BBC News Latin America service, is a reminder of the time I spent travelling and working in South America.

Here’s an extract:

Madidi National Park was pinned firmly on the tourist map when a team of researchers from the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society, led by British-born conservationist Robert Wallace, discovered a new species of titi monkey in the park.

The team subsequently auctioned the right to name the monkey via the website Charity Folks. A Canadian casino bought the name and the monkey was subsequently christened callicebus avrei palatti (Golden Palace).

“We wanted to raise the profile of Madidi and Bolivia’s protected areas as a whole,” explains Robert Wallace from his La Paz office.

Read the full story, Ecotourism on the rise in Bolivia.

Have you been to the Chalalan ecolodge? Or visited the Bolivia Amazon since my trip?

Please post your thoughts and updates below.


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