Story of the day: Best foot forward in Bolivia


Following on from yesterday’s trip to the Bolivian Amazon, a trip to the Altiplano seemed in order.

This story from the Independent focuses on a little-known hiking trail from La Paz.

It’s no easy stroll and facilities are, at best, limited. Don’t even get me started on the feral dogs along the way.

But the scenery is stunning.

Here’s an extract:

The final leg of the trek descends towards Chairo, a village on the shores of the River Huarinilla, where buses and trucks connect to Coroico, the transport hub of the Yungas.

It’s a soft decline for the first hour but then, just when you think it’s all over, there’s one final crushing irony: a steep descent over loose stone fragments in a zigzag formation.

Halfway down, scrawled across a huge trailside rock, some graffiti reads: “I’d prefer to die of the pain in my feet than to continue walking on my knees.”

Read the full story, Feet of Endurance.

Have you walked this trail? What’s your favourite South America hike?

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