Story of the day: Following in the footsteps of Dylan Thomas


I’m delving back in the archives today for a story about Wales’ literary post boy.

This story first appeared in The Observer around the release of the film, The Edge of Love.

Here’s an extract:

Dylan and Caitlin are both buried in the graveyard of St Martin’s church in Laugharne, the latter joining her husband in the flower-strewn plot in 1994. The graves are marked with a simple white cross keeping watch over Laugharne and looking out across the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire.

In the cold-stone interior of the church itself, a plaque to Thomas bears the inscription from one of his most evocative poems, ‘Fern Hill’. It reads: ‘Time held me green and dying/Though I sang in my chains like the sea.’

Read the full story, Follow in the Footsteps of Dylan Thomas.

You’ll be hearing more form me about Dylan in the autumn of this year as we gear up for the centenary of Dylan’s birth in 2014.

Did you enjoy this story? Do you have a memory of Dylan to share?

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