Story of the day: Hotdogs in Copenhagen


I’m staying on a Nordic motif this week. This story is another off-beat piece, a way of looking at a well-known destination in a fresh light.

It appeared in the Observer and involved consuming my own body weight in gourmet hotdogs in a 24-hour period.

Here’s an extract:

I’m about to tuck in when Thomas calls for a moment’s contemplation of our creation.

“The perfect hot dog has three elements: the smoked flavour of the sausage, the sweetness of the sauces and the cinnamon-flavoured bread, and the sharpness of the onions,” he says.

“We grow up with hot dogs in Denmark. I remember going ice-skating with my father and we would always grab a hot dog on the way home. Hot dogs taste of nostalgia.”

Read the full story, Man bites dog.

What’s your favourite place in Copenhagen for a hotdog? Post your comments below.


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