Heritage feature for the National Forest tourism brochure 2014


My latest copywriting job was brochure work for the National Forest.

The pitch was handled and commissioned via the nice people at Greentraveller.co.uk and I was assigned the feature combining heritage and family.

The new brochure is out for spring 2014 but you can read a preview of my story below:

Heritage is a tough sell for two perfect-pink princesses.

Learning is for school and talk of the olden days generally has the girls reaching for their Barbie Fashionistas app in disdain.

But a trip to the National Forest proved that that history is not always horrible, nor confined to a CBBC programme.

I had taken my two little girls, Maya (seven) and Olivia (three, above), for a fresh-air weekend in the National Forest.

The plan? Some bonding time together, some back-to-nature walks and, unbeknown to them, a subtle undercurrent of educational exploring.

All of which goes to prove that, even for the Barbie girls, history is not all about boring tours and stuffy museums. It’s a living, breathing, sometimes even pink-shrouded, pathway to the future.

History isn’t horrible. It’s cool.

Liked this? Try If you go down to the woods today.

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