Story of the day: Art Deco Blackpool


I’m keeping it in the Northwest today.

I had a run of Blackpool stories a few years ago (not a sentence I type often).

It’s a tough place to love but I did find things to admire about its gritty resolve. The following story, taken from a series in the Observer, was a good example of finding an unexpected angle on a destination we all think we know.

Here’s an extract:

The promenade is awash with fish and chip restaurants but the best is hidden away in the suburb of Marton – a fiver in a taxi from the Central Prom. The Cottage has been frying since 1940 and comes with Rick Stein’s seal of approval.

Another classic is Notarianni’s (pictured above), the only original, family-run ice-cream parlour left in town. Dating from 1928, it retains the art-deco counter and still serves the Notarianni Sundae in the colours of Italy.

Toast is one of the new school of downtown cafes with a fresh approach to the fry-up breakfast – try the Lancashire rarebit brunch.

Read the full story, Great British Escapes: Blackpool.

Since my last visit, it’s all gone rather quiet and, I fear, recession means that the much-talked-up regeneration may have stalled.

If you know different, then please post your comments below.



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