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Media writing course: Some warm-up exercises for next week



So, next week then.

It’s the first course I’m running in a series of workshops offering my insider secrets to writing for the media.

To help us get our thinking caps on, I’d like you to read this recent travel article from the Independent, Anglesey from all angles.

Read it carefully, not just for content but for style, structure, use of language etc. Then post a comment below telling us what you think of it and why.

Did you enjoy the way the story was written? Why was the piece chosen for publication over others? What aspects did you like/dislike?

When you post, please also include a brief introduction to yourself, so we can get to know each other a bit before the class next Friday and start a bit of a dialogue between us a a group.

I’ll do the same. And, over the week to come, I’ll post a couple more links to get the discussion flowing.

Looking forward to meeting everyone next Friday – aim for 9.15am at The Glynne Arms, 3 Glynne Way, Hawarden CH5 3NS.

Please call or email with any questions.