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Our park has become a Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Field.

I say our park. Edgar’s Field is a public park but it feels like our front garden.

It’s the place that offers sanctuary on dark days, tantalising brushes with nature as the seasons change and endless hours of playground fun for the girls as they clamber over the pirate ship and soar skywards on the swings.

It feels like home.

Last week a shiny, silver plaque was attached to the railings outside.

The park has been granted QEII Field status, an award from the Fields In Trust organisation, following nomination by the local community.

It basically means the park has greater protection. If you want to build on it now, you now have to answer to her Maj.

I’ve written about the importance of our park before. Twitter stalwart Outdoors With Dad often posts parklife ideas around Edgar’s Field. And blogger Mark Charlton has also spoken up for his local park in his blog, View from the Bike Shed.

We take our parks for granted. But we shouldn’t.

Parks form part of the fabric of life that makes us feel secure.

I still remember the park I played in as a child, the rocking motion of the horse-shaped seesaw.

Maya and Olivia may not realise it now but the innocent moments, playing in our front-garden park, may prove to be some of their most comforting childhood memories.

They will never know more freedom than reaching for the sky on the swings on a crisp autumn morning.

We’re lucky. Our park’s future looks safe and, buoyed by its new-found status, the local community group is now aiming higher.

It is looking to establish a lookout on the park’s Weathervane Hill to take in the twin-bridge views of the Grosvenor and Old Dee bridges, plus to soak up the nature thriving amongst the lime trees.

Love your park.

We do.


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